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"There is only one boss... The Customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else." - Sam Walton

“A customer newsletter is the strongest marketing and business building tool available – bar none” – Jim Palmer


  Building relationships. That’s what every business strives to do with their customers and prospects. When you have a strong relationship with your customers, they do business with you more often, buy a wider selection of what you have to offer, and make larger orders.

   People prefer to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes multiple contacts before a prospect feels comfortable enough to buy from you. It can take even longer before they feel confident to recommend you to friends and family members.

  Once they trust you, the cost of doing business with that particular customer goes down dramatically. According to research done by Bain and Company, the cost of doing business with a current customer is 1/5th the cost of acquiring a new customer. In other words, how much you spend on getting 1 new customer to buy from you is the same as the cost of getting 5 current customer to buy again from you.

  Doesn’t it make sense to do everything possible to strengthen your bond with current customers? Sure, loyalty programs have their place, but most loyalty programs come with a cost, usually some type of discount on your products and services, that directly affect your bottom line.

There’s another option…

   What if you had a tool that got you in front of your customers on a regular basis, something they look forward to, and it’s something they’re willing to share with others? What if that tool keeps working for you day after day, month after month, year after year?

  That’s what a newsletter can do for you. Because people are conditioned to raise their guard when it comes to marketing material, it takes a lot more effort to break through their sales resistance and get them to read it. On the other hand, people are also conditioned to lower their guard when it comes to educational articles, editorials, and entertaining stories. People are also naturally curious and interested in learning something new. This means they tend to read newsletters with an open mind.

Click here to sign up for my monthly newsletter and get a free special report on how newsletter can help you grow your business (Opens new window)  

 Slip in under their “sales radar”

  Another benefit is, because they view a newsletter as a trusted source of information, it raises you to the level of a trusted adviser and who’s an expert in their field. The whole time they’re reading it, your customers never realize it’s a marketing piece designed to get them to buy from you when they have a problem your business can address.

  It does this is by keeping you ‘front of mind’ with your customers in your area of expertise. In other words, when someone says your name, it brings up a reply of, “Oh yeah, they do such and such.”

It won’t cost an arm and a leg...

  In the past, having a regular newsletter had a lot associated costs. Creation, formatting, printing, postage, just to name a few. Postage alone could take up a pretty big chunk of money that directly impacted your bottom line.

Even with all that, it still has a lot of pluses as well. People can read them wherever they have a free moment to spare. They can easily share it with friends and family, maybe even going so far as to put a sticky note on it with a remark to read a specific article, providing third-party validation from a trusted source. It might even get left behind somewhere where a potential prospect might come across it and sign up for it.

  Another alternative might be publishing an email newsletter, or e-newsletter. Due to technological advances, namely email and the internet, many of the potential downsides of having a printed newsletter are reduced or even eliminated.

  For example, with an email newsletter, the cost to send out to 10, 100, 1000, or 1000000 customers is negligible. In fact, it would probably cost more to print out, fold, and mail out a physical newsletter to 500 subscribers than it would to email it to 100,000+ subscribers the same information. You also get a lot of analytical data to help you determine how successful your newsletter is, like how many people open it, what articles are most popular, whether it’s been forwarded to someone else, and much more.

  Another benefit of having an email newsletter is you can store past issues in an archive on your site, allowing customers to reference them whenever they like. Because it’s an email, you can add links in it to bring them back to your site and if they find the newsletter interesting, they’ll forward it on to their friends with just the click of a button.

Easy third party validation from trusted sources.

  When a customer forwards your email newsletter, a note referencing one of the articles in the newsletter usually accompanies it. This automatically increases the value of the newsletter to the person that receives it.

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What are you waiting for?

  With everything you have going on to stay competitive in this economy, it’s easy to understand why you might not have thought about doing a newsletter in the past. Not everyone enjoys writing and you might even be concerned with how you’re going to carve out the time needed to create a quality newsletter from you or your employees’ busy schedules.

  That’s where I come in. I offer several options for helping you produce a high quality, highly informative newsletter that customers will look forward to getting. You can even offset some of the costs of having a monthly newsletter by repurposing the content of your newsletter in other ways.

  I can take care of all stages of newsletter creation, from article ideas to all the back end technical stuff, letting you to focus on the stuff you’re good at. It’s a win/win situation for your business.

  Give me a call at 315-692-4233 or email me at and I’ll arrange a no obligation, informational meeting with you, that works with your schedule, to discuss different options available and see how I might be of service to you. There’s no risk involved, so give me a call and we’ll go from there. Let’s see if we can get this powerful business and relationship-building tool in your hands today.


Chad Kunego
PenUltimate Copywriting
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Click here to sign up for my monthly newsletter and get a free special report on how newsletter can help you grow your business (Opens new window)