Which of these services do you need to get ahead?

SEO Services: If your customers can't find you on the web, then you're losing money. Let me help you get noticed in Google for your industry.

Site Audits: Want to find out how well your website compares to industry standards and best practices for usability and clarity? Let me perform a website audit to determine what works well on your site, what doesn't, and how to improve all areas of your website.

This will help your site to be more user-friendly, improve your ranking on Google, and keep your visitors engaged with your message.

Autoresponders / Lead Generation: Do you have a marketing plan that involves email? If you do, is it working as well as you'd like? If you don't use email in your marketing efforts, are you leaving money on the table?

Let's sit down and discuss how a email marketing campaign may be able to improve your bottom line, or how to improve the program you already have.

Landing pages: This goes hand in hand with any marketing effort, but especially with an email campaign. Why waste the traffic you get from an email marketing campaign, or any method of marketing for that matter, only to have them arrive at your main homepage? If you make them search for the information, you'll lose a lot of prospects.

Having a custom landing page, one that works in conjunction with the rest of your marketing message, works significantly better. As an added benefit, you can determine more easily how well your landing page is at converting prospects instead of guessing how many people are coming to your homepage for general information and how many are there because of your marketing efforts.

If you're not sure how adding landing pages to your marketing program can help, contact us to discuss the particulars.

Website copy: Do you have a consistent message across your entire website? Do you focus on talking about you and your company instead of telling your customers how you can help them? Or is the information on your site not as clear as it should be? All of this has a direct impact on how effective your website is in drawing in, and converting them into, customers. If you don't have a unified message across your site, it causes confusion and lowered conversion rates. Let us help you improve the clarity of your site to increase the conversion rate of prospects into customers.

Newsletters: One of the most effective ways to convert prospects into customers is keeping your name in front of them on a consistent basis. Studies show that it takes 3-5 impressions before most people make a buying decision. Having a regular newsletter is a great way to engage your prospects. By having a regular newsletter filled with practical tips and helpful information, you become a valued and trusted friend. When they eventually need something you offer, you'll be the one they think of.

With all the benefits a newsletter provides, why wouldn't you have one? Let's sit down and discuss the type of newsletter that works best for you.

Blog/Article/Content copy: Google® loves it. Your customers love it. Question is, are you doing enough of it? Make no mistake, having fresh content on your site, whether it's a quick blog post, an informative article, or some other form of written content, is how search engines determine whether you're worth indexing. Even if they determine you're valuable enough to list when someone searches for what you offer, unless you have engaging content on your site, your visitors and customers won't stick around. Making sure you have timely updates and new content available for your audience is a must in this day and age. Let me help you provide it.

Other marketing collateral: Being in business, you probably have a wide variety of written material that needs to either be written or updated regularly, things like flyers, brochures, newspaper ads... The list goes on forever. The thing is, this material is how you stay in front of your clients, customers, and prospects. If you don't get it done in a timely manner, it may cost you sales. Let me keep on top of it for you. I'll help you stay in front of buyers and prospects so you can focus on other priorities.

Social Reputation Management: It goes without saying that one of the highest priorities any business owner faces is controlling the image of their company. It doesn't matter how good your product is, if your company develops a bad reputation, it could easily go out of business. There are sites that allow customers to create a page for your business without your knowledge.

What's worse, anyone can post comments on these sites, writing whatever they want about your businesses, regardless of whether it's accurate or not. To top it off, most businesses aren't even aware these sites exist, meaning your business could be racking up loads of negative reviews and comments without even being aware of it. At least until you notice your customer traffic and sales declining without understanding why.

That's where I come in.  What I do is help you claim and take control of your page, upload your information, manage the content, and respond to any negative reviews quickly. In a lot of cases, I'll be able to get the person who left the negative review to remove it by contacting them privately. I'll even keep track of anytime someone mentions your business online and give you a monthly report, letting you know what your online reputation is.

Reach me by email at: business at penultimatecopywriting.com to see how I might be able to help you make your website and marketing efforts more effective and successful.